About Obalon


Andy Rasdal: Obesity is the largest chronic disease on the planet today. And when we analyze this problem, we saw there really were only two solutions when we looked eight years ago. There was diet and exercise, which clearly isn't working. Or surgery, which really only relevant for the morbidly obese. And we thought as we've done in the past that it was an opportunity to bring in really innovative device to the market that would allow people to lose weight in safe, effective, easy, and affordable manner. And was really that challenge that attracted us to start Obalon.

Lisa Metzner: Well this truly a disruptive technology where a patient can lose up to 50 pounds in a treatment. And it's FDA approved, non surgical, very strong safety profile. It's truly disruptive novel technology. It's going to change the way that people think about weight loss.

Jasson Gilmore: It's the first gas filled inter gastric balloon that takes up space in your stomach, it helps you eat less, it's non permanent so it does not involve any surgery or cutting or permanent changes in your anatomy. And results in real meaningful clinical weight loss results for our patients.

Amy Vandenberg: We've seen patients lose 30, 40, even 50 pounds with the product. But what I love about Obalon is there's really no down time. People don't have to kind of give up their daily activity. They can kind of go pick up their kids after they've stopped by the doctor's office.

Kate Sapp: It's non surgical but it does create space for someone to learn healthier habits in that six month period of time. And I just think that's really cool. I mean this could be a game changer for people.

Amy Vandenberg: 89.5% of the total body weight loss was maintained six months after the balloon was removed. And really one of the reasons patients loved it so much was because it worked.

Mark Brister: I think it's very important for everybody at Obalon to remember that these aren't just patient numbers. That there's a person and a story behind everyone of the devices that we build.

Jasson Gilmore: The Obalon balloon is manufacturer, R&Ded, tested, shipped, sold and marketed right here in our facility in Carlsbad, California. And I think that that speaks to the commitment that our company has to quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Andy Rasdal: It's wonderful to be able to provide a breakthrough technology, a true innovation in the treatment of patients that either allowed physicians to more easily and effectively treat patients for chronic disease or for patients to live with chronic disease and live fuller lives within that.